Keto, sirtfood, paleo – just how many popular diets are there? And which ones are actually good for you? We spoke to nutritionist Rick Hay, who helps us set the record straight on five trendy diets

Gummi Vitamins – Fit and Well

Eating less red meat and processed food is good for your body and for the planet. And it seems the nation is waking up to this: according to Roy Morgan research, almost 2.5 million Australians are now eating a total, or almost total, vegetarian diet. Vegan Australia also estimates that around 500,000 Australians are now…

I find my self doing a double-take as the beauty sphere has basically turned into a wholefoods market with more and more fruits finding their way into our beauty cupboards. Fruits have long been our healthy go-to snacks, and sure, we all need our daily serving of fruits and veggies, but so should our skin….

The hottest home accessory of the moment? The humble house plant, which has found itself elevated from dull to definitely sexy. It has become aspirational to ‘dress’ your bathroom with jungle creepers, style your living space with indoor trees and arrange tasteful selections of greenery of all shapes, sizes and textures. People are even taking…

It wasn’t that long ago I went vegan for a week. It was something I always wanted to try but life just seemed to get in the way. There’d be one work or social commitment after the next where I always happily accepted the menu on offer. But, what I (and my body) really needed…

The best diet for health & weight loss

Now that more of us are stuck at home and taking our isolating measures seriously, it makes sense that we would also be backing this up by cooking more at home too. Despite what some may say though, you can eat nutrient rich meals from home without all of the fancy, expensive superfood price tags….

Struggling to get a solid eight hours? Nutritionist Rick Hay has put together a nervous system-nourishing weekly meal plan to help you get the shut-eye you deserve. We all do it, we can’t get enough of it and we all want more of it. Yes, we’re talking about sleep. Continue here

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