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Asking for help at the gym or advice from a fitness nutritionist is certainly a good idea if you want to see results sooner rather than later. Yes, we have the internet at our disposal these days and it is a fantastic resource for the uninitiated but there’s no substitute for experience – so if you’ve got some questions, ask!

When it comes to working out what gym classes are right for you, just pick a sample and give them a a go! There are so many different options for keeping fit these days, how else are you going to get it right? Here are just a couple of the latest trends in health and fitness to consider trying out this year.

Water-based classes

No doubt you’ve all heard of HIIT, one of the biggest buzzwords in the fitness world right now. And now you can take these intense classes into the swimming pool, doing circuits that involve timed sprints, aqua jogging and more. You can even take spinning underwater these days!


If you’re pushed for time, online classes are a lifesaver. The Boxx Method is an online workout class that offers you a virtual boxing experience. You work your way through 30-minute videos that you can do at home – and you’ll love the knockout round at the end.


Bit of an odd one but if you’ve got a personal trainer or go to lots of classes, chances are you’ve been asked to crawl around on the floor for a bit. Baby crawls help you to move in a natural way, while increasing your mobility, flexibility and agility – as well as helping you achieve a really strong core!

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