Author, TV presenter Rick Hay tells us about when he went vegetarian,

“It was a humane choice combined with the need for stronger rights for animals. I also do not believe we need to eat meat to be heatthy.”

Being vegetarian and vegan has become much more mainstream thank goodness and people are now more aware of the many health and ethical, benefits.” Ricks favourite meal “Tofu and Cashew Nut Veggie Stir Fry, Salt and Chilli Tofu and anything I make in my Nutributiet – Spinach, Banana, Berries and Nuts with some vegan protein powder like Sunwarrior a dream!’

TV Presenter and author Wendy Turner Webster read a leaflet from PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] and this was the inspiration for her change to a vegan diet. ‘The penny dropped that the veal industry is related to the dairy Industry and I also learned that a dairy cow’s Lifespan only around four years [as opposed to up to 20 years otherwise]. I realised that)f I was being a vegetarian for moral reasons I had to be vegan instead!

“Being vegan nowadays is easier than ever – there’s a dairy free substitute for most things, from yoghurt to cream cheese and from ice cream to scrambled eggs. There are some products however that people would be surprised to know are vegan – such as Oreo biscuits, Jacobs Cream Crackers, Jemmy Dodgers and Fry’s Chocolate Cream bars. Any nation that vegans are sing out’ is misguided! “I do take longer shopping though as l am diligent in reading the ingredients lists on labels and health wise – as I have been vegan for over 20 years I can hardly remember not being. All I do know is that I am still breathing and am unlikely to fade away through tack of an products in my Fifer Wendy tell us of her favourite vegan meal, “That’s easy – chips, peas, parsley sauce and a V-Blites Fish Steak… followed by Swedish Glace Vanilla Ice Cream topped with a dollop of crunch peanut butter and a drizzle of chocolate sauce!”

You may have seen Tim Shieff on American Ninja Warrior more recently this month on the UK version of the show. Tim is a professional free runner and is one of the most successful athletes in the world, Tim tells us,

“I went straight to vegan because I saw the amount of suffering cause in all animal agriculture industries especially the milk and egg industry and wanted to maximise my reduction of suffering caused by my choices once re learnt what was involved.”

“I’ve noticed how much the world is in a trance (that I too was once in) set by our addiction to eating meat which came from an important part of our survival in our history which once served us but W no longer necessary in a western word.”

“I don’t have any favourite meal per say, on different days at different times I desire different foods and nutrition but one of my main go to’s is sweet potatoes and hummus.”

Tim is also good friends with Jamie Oliver and you can see a dip on VeggieVision TV of Tim chatting to Jamie about vegetarian and vegan Wing.

Noah Huntley the rather gorgeous British actor has been in a ton of films and TV shows including Emmerdale, Holby. City, 28 Days Later, Dracula Untold, Snow White and the Huntsmen and is now appearing in a hilarious looking programme on E! Entertainment with Elizabeth Hurley; The Royals.

Despite the high flying, celebrity mingling and high profile modelling too Noah is a yoga loving fellow vegetarian. “I go between vegetarian and being a full on vegan and for around 15 years now. Mainly inspired by meditative practice and later through common sense and ethical considerations: “I found myself becoming very limited as a carnivore. Going Veggie opened up my mind I am found myself using more ingredients more creatively too.” I like the fact that Albert Einstein is quoted saying, “The future of humanity lies in vegetarianism.”


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