It seems to work for stunning star Carol Vorderman, but could a January detox help you be slimmer and healthier in 2014 – or is it just a load of hype?

ccording to recant research, around of us commit to starting a detox •very January one* the Indulgences of Christmas are behind us – and with more and more detoo products on the market, that number It sat to grow

It’s the liver that Is responsible for flushing out the ‘nasties’ It can’t use. Detoxing aina to revitalise it, not only by giving It a break but by providing more of the nutrients it needs to work better.

The body Is constantly detoxing.’ explains nutritional phyriologist Rid; Hay (rickhaycauk). ’But by helping it along using a detoot plan or by fasting for up to 24 houn it a time, you also dramatically reduce your dally calorie intake. Hiis can result in nvight loss that cun be sustained if you make change* to your diet.’

While socneeipcrts in the UK have suggested detox plan* doot have any real link with slimming the succtsses reported by those following the 5:2dletandthe Mini-Fast prove this style of eating over the diort terra can work effectively by reactivating the metabolism to help bum fat faster.

Juicing has become one of the mod popular ways to dMoot, with John Lewis reporting a 190% rise in tales of juicers last year. ‘Juicing fresh vegetables and fruits provides the body with masses of easily absorbed Warning, Including
A. C and E, antioxidants and potassium that the liver needs to be healthy and also to get rid of toxins quickly.’

Once you’re past the Initial 48 hours of the detox – during which time you might feel unwell witha headache or irritable-by day three many people any they feel lighter, brighter and hove more energy.

‘When dotngajukv cleanse, its best to stick to veggie juices’ says Cassandra. The ‘supergreen*’, like broccoli, spinach and kale, don’t contain the sugar the body has to digest separately.

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