Ql’ve got so much happening over Christmas I’m worried I’m not going to have enough energy to go round!

What will help?

A One of the best ways to boost energy is to include superfoods in your daily diet. The phytonutrients and enzymes aid cellular energy production and the vitamins and minerals help you with that extra bit of energy that you may need. Superfoods like spirulina barley grass and wheat grass are great taken instead of coffee and brilliant if you have a hangover as they help to cleanse and detox the liver as well as alkalising your body. I also recommend Sapphire Health Blueberry Shots as they contain a synergistic blend of blueberries, olive leaf, cherries, turmeric and ginger to provide you with that before or post-party pick me up. These shots or superfoods can be taken every morning with breakfast during the festive season, or you can drink them mid afternoon as well if you are in a slump. They have the added benefit of helping to control portion size as their nutrient density makes it less likely that your body will crave extra sugars or caffeine for fuel.


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