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Before Breakfast

Half a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon : to kick start the liver and gallbladder and digestive function – helps with fat metabolism also.

Breakfast – Protein based to help with weight management – some carbs to provide energy and to help with cognitive function:

2 Eggs Free Range Scrambled, Poached or Boiled.  1 Piece of Toast – Rye, Mixed or Wholegrain with organic butter or olive oil margarine.


Porridge with berries – fresh or frozen with a dollop of non sugary organic yogurt : berries are catabolic and help with fat burning and oats help to keep blood sugar levels stable – helping with weight loss and mood.


Sun Warrior Protein Shake – 1scoop with 250 mls of Rice Milk and Berry Shots blended together.
Shake can be used as a meal replacement – high in protein and amino acids to help keep you fuller for longer

1tablespoon (serving) of Blueberry Shots: Nutrient Dense Cellular Fuel perfect for hair, skin, nails and to help with energy levels

Mid Morning

Small bowl of berries with a few almonds and yoghurt if desired: eating every few hours helps to control portion size and helps to regulate blood sugar levels helping to eliminate cravings.


1 Apple or other piece of fruit as desired with a few almonds


Healthy Food Bar: such as Nak’d or Organic Food Bar


Before lunch or dinner 6 Spirulina Tablets can be taken as they help with feelings of fullness and control portion size and are are natural Multi vitamin.

Small piece of Grilled Fish or Turkey with leafy green salad – Olive Oil and  Balsamic  Dressing – protein based: high in antioxidants and healthy omegas to help with mood and skin – for vegetarians use  tofu or a Quorn meat substitute.


Sun Warrior Shake – as per breakfast – Sun Warrior shakes can be used as a meal replacement but only for one or two of the meals – not all three – a half serve of the shake can be used as mid morning or mid afternoon snack – not if it is being used as a meal replacement though.


Soup – Vegetable and Bean or Lentil Based – can be fresh or tinned: soup is great for weight      management: avoid creamy varieties.

Mid Afternoon

Carrot and Celery sticks with 50g Hummus


Fish/ Chicken/ Tofu/ Quorn small piece less than 150 g together with steamed vegetables – protein based for weight management – watch portion size of vegetables – no more than one and a half palms in size


2 to 3 Free Range Egg Omlette seasoned with chilli or cayenne for their themogenic properties – serve with seasonal salad


Stir Fry with veggies and protein choice from dinner option 1 – season with spices of choice.

After Dinner

I cup of organic 100% Cocoa with Rice or Almond Milk and a hint of chilli powder to burn fat if   desired.

Before Bed

1 cup of Herbal tea with a little honey – calming varieties.

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