20 Snacks to curb the cravings. Manage a cravings hit with a healthy protein-based mouthful that mirrors your snacking personality. Rick Hay steps up to the plate with some great ideas
5 Snacks for Choc lovers
 2 to 3 squares of 75% dark chocolate, preferably organic.
 Organic no-sugar Greekstyle yogurt, with ½tsp of pure cocoa powder.
 6 to 7 chocolate-coated peanuts with 4 or 5 almonds.
 4 or 5 nuts with 6 to 7 chocolate-coated raisins.
 Half a Cocoa Orange Nak’d bar (from Waitrose).
5 Snacks for Salt cravers
Abandon the regular crispsand salty nuts for these – they’re so good.
 4 Chinese-style rice crisps – the brown rice with soy sauce variety.
 Low-fat, low-salt crisps – half a bag mid-morning and the rest mid-afternoon.
 A handful of edamame beans sprinkled with a little salt.
 2 oatcakes with Marmite scraped on to taste.
 A boiled egg with sea salt, rock salt or Himalayan pink salt, which doesn’t have the same impact on the body as ordinary table salt.
5 Snacks for sweet freaks
When your cravings are for sugar, sugar and more sugar, try these:
 A handful of grapes, with some almonds to lower the GI will nip the sugar rush in the bud.
 A small bowl of blueberries with a small dollop of low-sugar yogurt.
 Half a bag of fruit/seed/nut mix.
 Glass of fruit juice – diluted half and half with fizzy water.
 2tbsp mixed dried fruits – prunes, figs, pineapple – eat them like sweets!
5 Snacks for dairy addicts
Longing for delicious fattiness? Try out these easy swaps.
 Low-fat soya yogurt – check the label to make sure sugar is not in the top-three ingredients.
 A medium glass of banana milk – either skimmed or unsweetened soya, with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
 A small bowl of stewed apples with a small dollop of cream.

 Cheese on a Ryvita. Any cheese is fine: cream,

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