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Nuveo are launching in the UK today at 2pm and 8pm and on January 17th at 3pm WITH Dr Michael Ohan and Rick Hay: Nuveo’s Nutritional Director

Dr Michael Ohan is a pioneer in advanced formulations of Skin Care Products.

In 2001, Michael and his team created an innovative Skin Care Range in Australia with technology driven from Europe and Asia.

Michael developed the products whilst working hands-on in his clinic in Melbourne and importantly he has a PHD in Health Sciences to draw on when putting together formulations.

Michael’s clinic was renowned for achieving results but he was frustrated as there were no products on the market that could ‘hold on’ to the clinic results at home – to extend and enhance results – so he decided to design his own: he wanted to develop a range of products that would assist the treatments he was giving and the improve on the results he was achieving in his clinic.

It was a hands on approach with Michael initially mixing his lotions on the clinic premises – the products started to achieve good results and to get a good reputation in Melbourne so the decision was then made to take the products from in house, clinic specific to the nation via Australia’s Home Shopping channel.

The ex CEO of Australia’s Home Shopping channel has worked closely with Micheal, the co-founder of a previous range which was the precursor to the Nuveo range, including launching the range on the Australia channel in March 2008.

For the last two to three years the Channel has consistently described the Range of product on air as follows:
The Range is the top selling beauty brand on Australia’s Home Shopping channel.

Two of the products in the Range are top selling products on the network.

Other comments made by the Shopping Channel about the Range during broadcasts have referred to the low customer return rate for the product and the high rate of repeat purchasing by customers.

This vast clinical experience together with Michael’s extensive scientific knowledge has led to the formulation of this next generation of skin care products: Nuveo. The range has been developed by Michael from the ground up – these are not trade show products that have simply been relabelled. The ingredients in each formulation are all in high percentages: eclipsing those of many competitor and well-known brands.
These refined products are result driven. They are silky when applied and do not feel sticky or heavy, in fact everyone describes the products as “feeling like silk”.

Each formulation is carefully designed to work synergistically with the others in the range to give you results that you will see and feel in as little as two weeks with results improving the longer you use the range.
Each of the products is focussed on a particular benefit for your skin so they are each individually fantastic products that give brilliant results. However, when you use the full range it’s like taking the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and revealing a beautiful picture!

The Nuveo range is based around the benefits of peptides combined with glycoproteins from nature and Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. These active ingredients are delivered via a patented thin film system called Marimoist. It utilises marine Algae and Hyaluronic acid combined in a patented process.

But it’s not just our formulations that are at the leading edge of scientific innovation. We have chosen to use a break through new packaging technology called Airless Packaging. Airless Packaging ensures no air comes into contact with the contents of each bottle or tube. Air can degrade and lessen the efficacy of our active ingredients and we want our products to arrive at your place as fresh and potent as they are when we manufacture them at our state of the art facility in Melbourne, Australia. It costs more to use airless packaging but we have not compromised in any part of the Nuveo story, be it formulations, packaging or anything else!


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