HERE’S one anti-aging revelation we’re drawn to – magnetised water! And who’d have thought the key to near eternal youth could lie in the humble little drinks coaster?!

Just place your glass, or bottle, of water on the Vergari Magnetic Coaster for 20 minutes for it to polarize and magnetize – and then drink from it …   It promises to be the fountain of life, looks and longevity!

Magnetising your glass of water (or other drinks) is the eau-so easy way to boost hydration at a cellular level.   In complementary medicine, most toxins are acidic which has an inflammatory effect on the body.  Inflammation is caused when the body is too acidic, which exacerbates oxidative stress and the aging process.

Magnetised water effectively alkalises the acidity, normalising the pH balance of the blood, and thus improving the oxygenating efficiency of red blood cells and circulation.   So, as well as delivering oxygen and vital nutrients, it also eliminates toxins, boosts the body’s metabolic processes, and enhances the crucial role water plays in the body – including fighting the signs of aging, weight management and all round good health.

Rick Hay, The Nutritional Physiologist recommends magnetising water to his clients.   “During the purification process of water it loses its magnetic properties when it comes into contact with the metallic lining of pipes in our water systems.  Re-magnetising your water recharges its properties.  It reduces both surface tension and viscosity and in doing so increases dissolvability of trace minerals; permeability improving bioavailability  and increases O2 levels.  The result is a healthier, more hydrating H2O with a better alakaline PH.”

The Vergari magnetic Coaster has 9 high grade ceramic magnets in each one.   Leonardo (top side)  represents the mythology of North Polarised water – good for calming, and relaxing.   The flip side with 8 circles – represents the South Pole – stimulates and energises.   You can Bi-Polarise the water by mixing two waters.

Promised effects:  Better and longer hydration, reduces inflammation that contributes to the breakdown of collagen and formation of wrinkles, fights free radical damage, psoriasis, eczema and digestive ailments.

We’ll drink to that!


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