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Give or take the odd curmudgeon, who can’t fail to be inspired by watching the efforts of the many athletes, not just those bagging the medals, but those, too, who are Olympians by virtue of the fact that they have put in the blood, sweat and tears just to be able to take part. How inspiring are the various personal stories that drive these, mainly young athletes but some older ones too, to become such high achievers.

A little of that inspiration goes a long way. Some of you might be so inspired you’ll be signing up at your local athletics club to give Jessica Ennis a run in at Rio, but for others you can make a start with some little lifestyle changes.

A great way to make positive changes to your lifestyle is to start with a few healthy days each week work out what fits in best with your daily commitments, midweek might be good for example, or perhaps the weekend. Even if it’ s only one day at the beginning one is better than none!

One thing to remember a healthy lifestyle diet is not about deprivation. Often people are surprised that they can eat and drink quite so much but feel so much better. It’s about quality and making the choices that give you the control over what you put into your body. And you don’t have to be a super athlete to work this out it’s just common sense. Start your healthy day with a fresh juice 2 apples, 3 medium carrots, Quarter of cucumber Few shavings of fresh ginger,

This is a gentle cleanse for the digestive system and provides phytonutrients to help nourish you at a cellular level plus there’s a little extra energy spurt. There’s been some negative press recently about juicing, but juicing makes the goodness much more easily available to the body and you aren’t going to be living on juices alone. Mixing veggies with you juice balances out the sugar content and every ingredient in a juice has a healthy role to play.

For a turbo charged effect, add a teaspoon of Futrients Green Tea based supplement: Immulite which contains tonnes of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Its unique formula was developed to support a strong immune system whilst also assisting with weight management and cardiovascular health. ImmuneLITE contains an immune boosting caffeine-free green tea extract: Teavigo® combined with vitamin A, selected B vits, vitamin C, D3 and E.

Teavigo® is green tea in its purest form and contains the important green tea polyphenol EGCG which is one of nature’s strongest antioxidants. ImmuLITE will also provide support for the nervous system and helps to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

Follow your juice with a small bowl of porridge and add a few chopped chunks each of apple and pear. Oats steady blood sugar levels which in turn helps reduce cravings throughout the day. Apple and pear have excellent antioxidant benefits great for looking younger, but they also help keep the immune system strong.

Do NOT skip breakfast. Forget any stupid diet that promises you will lose weight in 2 weeks. Skipping it can lead to weight gain, fatigue both mental and physical and to cravings. Mid morning: A handful of almonds and a low fat yoghurt any brand is fine, just choose one sweetened with juice rather sugar. The protein is to keep those blood sugar level steady but be strict about the yoghurt’s sugar content or you’ll undo the benefits and to keep your brain neurons firing until lunch.

A few pieces of fruit can work well with the almonds in place of yoghurt or try a healthy protein shake. Isowhey Complete mixed with a good nut milk and maybe a banana has a proven track record and is a better choice than reaching for a sugary or high carb alternative.

Lunch: Pea or vegetable soup, or stir fry green veggies with cashew nut. I recommend vegetable protein as this won’t tax the digestive system too much and will help with the day’s detox. If you usually scoff a cheese sandwich try to resist. Too much dairy can be a problem for many with poor digestion. If it’s not possible to pick up a take away, you can prepare the night before yourself to warm up at the office, or try sushi to take away as a good alternative.

Follow this with a cup of green tea if this is too bitter for you sweeten with a little honey or buy some of the green tea blends ie Green Tea and Jasmine. Some things are worth persisting with though you can get used to something and green tea is full of antioxidants and all sorts of beneficial phytonutrients. It’s also good to help speed up the metabolism.

Mid afternoon: This is the surprise treat, I’d say! Snack on one of the numerous raw food bars that are now available in supermarkets and health food stores. These are NOT the sugar ones so shop wisely and look for one that has added nuts as these will help you power through till dinner. Nuts are good as snacks as they are high in protein and help keep you fuller for longer. Dinner: Grilled chicken, fish or tofu with steamed green veggies. These simple dinner choices will not overly tax digestion but will provide good levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to hep the body attain optimum efficiency overnight. The good news is that you can also includes a dessert stewed apples or pears to settle the digestive tract sweetened with a little honey or yoghurt if desired.

Also think of including some form of exercise into your day even if it is just a brisk five to ten minute walk to start with remember five to ten minutes of exercise every other day can have positive effects on health particularly if you do it in an interval fashion. Alternate 1 fast minute with 1 slow minute for best results.

The beauty of doing this kind of regime is that it has many wellbeing benefits. Feeding yourself little and often keeps blood sugar levels balanced which helps mood swings and cravings, as well as cognitive function so you will think with more clarity. There is enough variety in this to provide all the nourishment you need, while protein too builds strength, so you should see improvements in your skin, hair and nails.

And, if you have trouble sleeping you should find it will help with this over the longer term.

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