10 Small Moves to make you healthier!

Try a few, try more, but try at least one and you’re on the way to keeping your healthy vibe on the bubble, says Lynn Cardy

1. It’s soooo simple. Support your fitness routine with an eating plan that ups your energy as you reshape. We asked Nicci Clark. CEO of Nourished, the hot new personal diet programme, to give us a power-packed eating plan for a healthy kick-start.


Nicci suggests starting your new way of eating a few days before you latch on to your exercise regime.

“After cutting refined carbs. sugar, caffeine and alcohol, you’ll see a change In just five days: increased energy levels, glowing skin and increased libido!”

+ Eat a slow-release breakfast “Low-GI foods, such as muesli

or porridge with blueberries, give the body enough fuel for the day.” says Nicci. + Pick protein-packed lunches and dinners “for energy and muscle repair”. + Choose unsaturated fats, found in olive oil. milk and nuts.

+ Kiss goodbye to sugar, alcohol, refined carbs and caffeine – hard, we know, but you’ll be so glad you did!

+ Drink water and herbal tea Got a problem with that? Check tip 6.


Breakfast Rich organic muesli. Lunch Greek salad with feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and a drizzle of olive oil.

Snack A handful of unsalted walnuts. Dinner Free-range chicken breast with warm artichoke, olives and fresh salsa.


Breakfast Organic porridge with apple. Lunch Superfood salad of broccoli, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cooked butternut squash, cucumber and pine nuts. Snack A handful of summer berries. Dinner Prawns cooked in chilli and ginger, served with roasted vegetables.


Breakfast Maca muesli, with added seeds, dates and powdered maca root, which helps with fatigue and balances hormones (health shops have it).

Lunch Chicken with sesame seeds and a big juicy salad.

Snack A small banana – high in potassium and slow-release sugars! Dinner Spicy beef and vegetable skewers with quinoa pilaf (quinoa with added veg). Find details of Nourished delivered-to your-door diets at nourished.me

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