Health Editor Rachel’s expert food picks and pregnancy advice

Got a craving for a bacon sandwich, but wont to cut down on fat? Eat 17’s Bacon Jam combines bacon, red onico and balsamic vinegar for o tasty sprecd with fewer calories. £3.75,

FLOWER POWER For a healthy breakfost cereal with added flavour, pick up a box of Dorset Cereals Elderflower 8. Blackcurrant Granola. .Mode with filling cats and barley flakes, the summery flavours provide a tasY morning pick-me-up. £3.99, Sainsbury’s.

FRESH AND FAST Spend less time in the kitchen with This new service delivers recipes and all the ingredients in their exact quantities to make ‘osty,

30rninute meals. Get five meals for £49, available nationwide

LOVELY LOLUES Cool down during summer by making your own ice lollies. These reusable silicon moulds can be filled with smoothies or fruit juice, and have a lid to stop drips. £7.50 for two,

Your desk-drawer snack saviours

With all the extra demands on your body during pregnancy, you’ll often need a snack to stave olT tiredness or morning sickness. ‘Healthy choices will help keep your blood-sugar levels stable, so you don’t get an energy slump,’ says nutritionist Rick Hay. Go nuts

.Almonds provide the satisfying crunch of crisps without the saturated fat. ‘The protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer, while the vitamin E keeps skin smooth,’ says Rick.

Opt for oats

Keep oatcakes in your drawer. ‘The oats release sugar slowly, so you’ll have a steady source of energy to keep you going until dinner,’ says Rick. *Trv lopping with mashed avocado, which is rich in folic acid.’

Try dried fruit

‘Prunes and figs contain natural sugars for energy and arc high in fibre/ says Rick. ‘You can also snack on dried mango, pineapple or apple for something different.’

Lunch of the month

Stay cool with refreshing gazpacho

This tasty, Spanish-style soup is dairy-free and contains vitamin C-rich tomatoes and peppers to keep your immune system healthy. ‘ITie fresh, tan flavour could also help ease nausea. Crtzjxxdto SaufK £3.99, Rod & Hen’s (rodandbenxeem) HI calorics and L5g saturated fat per taxing

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