We all know that exercising is important to keep our bodies and minds healthy, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to join a gym or fitness class. But you don’t have to! Invest in the right exercise equipment and you can get moving at home – whenever you want! Choose the fitness product that’s right for you and spend just a few minutes whenever you can; you’ll be amazed at the results!

Your Ideal World of Health: Talking Nutrition with Rick Hay, Nutritional Physiologist

“A great way to make positive changes to your lifestyle is to start with a few healthy days each week – work out what fits in best with your daily commitments; midweek might be good for example, or perhaps the weekend. Maybe use one of my fitness shows on Ideal World to kick-start it. Even if it’s only one day at the beginning – one is better than none! One thing to remember – a healthy lifestyle diet is not about deprivation. Often people are surprised that they can eat and drink quite so much and feel so much better. It’s about quality and making the choices that give you the control over what you put into your body.”

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