The Kakadu Wild Weightloss Way is an extremely effective program that guarantees easy and permanent weight loss in anyone who follows the system. It is based in part, on the popular and proven Dukan Diet developed by French MD, Dr Pierre Dukan. Some 5 million people have used the diet in France alone and worldwide the number is many times this. You get 2 x 1 litre (33 oz) bottles of Kakadu and 6 x 50ml traveler bottles. These smaller bottles can be refilled from the larger bottles and are convenient to take to work, shopping, dining out or whenever you have meals away from home. There are also 8 varieties of Slim’n Sticks and 16 skewers of each of these flavours.

Why should anyone want to lose weight? Being over-weight has many health implications. Heart attack, blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and a whole of other conditions are all risks if you are carrying too much fat. Longevity as well as your quality of life are challenged by being over-weight. It’s even harder to get clothes that make you look good and just moving around can be difficult compared to being lean, trim and fit. Additionally, and unfortunately, many people judge us by our appearance. Being overweight might make getting a job more difficult. Some jobs have physical requirements that being over-weight can stop the job from being done. The health implications mean that employers see over-weight people as a probable cause of too many days off. Some jobs just favour those who are not over-weight.

The Kakadu Wild Weightloss Way® has made the often impossible task of losing weight easy and achievable. We’ve even made it fun and deliciously enjoyable. I’ve tried those diets which expect you to eat like a sparrow and exercise like a demon every day for hours on end. As if starvation isn’t bad enough, these programs almost demand 2 or more personal trainers to guide your nutrition, work your body and keep up your motivation – it’s like a private Biggest Loser show but you are the victim. I’ve tried those powders that taste like they smell – disgusting! And they are not easy to mix, drink or even to remember to take. And then I tried that other system where I had to replace food with pills. Lots of synthetic vitamins in coloured tablets that are not only hard to swallow, but certainly don’t replace eating as they are meant to. I was convinced. I had to FORGET powders, potions and pills. They are more profit driven products and synthetic components can’t replace natural foods with which we evolved. But even though these methods just don’t work and that 90% or more of people subjecting themselves to these unrealistic processes just regain the weight lost and some, it still seems that a new diet appears every week. You might have asked yourself why this happens. Well. The problem is our food. And it’s not any particular type of food in that you can’t just blame fast food, snack food, sweets and desserts, sugar in your coffee or alcoholic drinks. All these are not healthy but it is all of these AND our fresh produce that’s making us fat.

The Kakadu WWW e-book tells us why and the program works to over-come the everyday challenge of sugar and fat in our diet and how they are making us obese. Download a copy of the ebook here. See the change in your body shape in less than a month and feel the difference of not carrying around all that bulk of unnecessary fat. Your clothes will fit better. You’ll have more choices in life. The Kakadu Wild Weightloss Way works because of two innovations: The first is the inclusion of Kakadu Complex® to your dietary regime as a whole food health tonic and an essential component prior to each meal. This unique food combines 11 Australian wild foods with another 15 global superfoods. It effectively transforms modern foods into their wild equivalents (from a blood sugar perspective) and delivers high levels and a wide range of antioxidants* along with a host of other functional benefits. The second innovation is our use of Slim’n Sticks™ (heat activated, flavor-infused skewers) as a means to boost metabolic rate, as an additional source of antioxidants and to provide interest and ease of food preparation of the proteins in the program. Slim’n Sticks™ impart no sugar, no fat, no salt and leave no goo on the cooking surface and are a great alternative to high fat, sugary sauces, added salt or sprinkles of seasonings that just burn on cooking. The flavours infuse from the inside out and are sophisticated, clean, impactful and totally natural.

The Slim’n Sticks™ in the WWW kits are really good. They make cooking fun and easy. With a choice of 8 different flavours you can make all the proteins in the meal plan interesting and delicious. It does require a small amount of pre-planning in terms of shopping for meats, poultry and seafood but think of the time you’ll save not having to roam around the fruit and vegetable displays trying to smell, squeeze and choose produce that doesn’t look bruised or over-handled, too ripe, under-ripe or just damaged. All this effort and as you’ll learn, it’s generally not worth eating in the end anyway. The Slim’n Sticks anchor your health to real food too. Your sustenance doesn’t get linked to some artificial powder or pill collection. You will recognize good food by the way it makes you feel and our functional spices in the Slim’n Sticks really add to this healthy food feel. Often feeling hungry on a starvation diet makes you weaken and a sugary cheat is the easiest ‘cure’ for your cravings and depression. You are made to feel weak as these poor diets based on rubbish foods and chemicals result in many people cheating and then feeling worse about themselves. Eventually, the diet goes by the wayside and the weight piles back on. All this and they expect you to get to the gym as well for long periods of self-inflicted torture. Who has the time or the motivation? Then there’s talk of your fat ‘set-point’; metabolic efficiency during low calorie intake; satiety factors; and all the other biological tricks with which we evolved to make us find the nutrients we need to survive. None benefit us with our modern, impoverished food quality.

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