Health, fitness and wellness expert Rick Hay was in Studio East London today to make a series of Superfood smoothie videos.

The videos will feature over the next few months on Healthista.com in a series that bing you the best in smoothies for certain outcomes. Rick’s many years as a nutrionist brings him to exactly the right place to let you know what the superfood ingredients that he is using in the smoothies will actually do for you and how they will help you achieve the results you are after.

The series is sponsored by xynergy.co.uk and features products that are all available in their online store.

Rick is a presenter on Ideal World on television and in this series of videos he uses the Nutribullet to do the blending of the ingredients as it emulsifies the separate textures and gives you a great feeling deign, as well as it being great for you and tasting great.

The Super Smoothies Series was produced by Anna Magee of Healthista.com and directed by Kevin Magee for PVM Content.

Ian Seagrave Chapman was also with us to make a Super Smoothie of his own, and his video will also be part of the series was it airs later this month.


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